The Visitation Site is a place for parents to have supervised visits with their children. The site includes a living room area where families can sit, talk, watch tv, play games, and parents can help their children with homework. It also includes a kitchen area where families can cook for their kids and a dinning room area to sit and eat. Additionally, there is a room for private therapy sessions.

Our facility is monitored around the clock to ensure the safety of the families.

-Family First Services is looking to expand by adding new locations.

A rec center is being added to the list of locations. It will allow children to come and be active, it will also allow various associations to hold monthly meetings such as AA and NA. The purpose is to provide a place for the community to utilize as well as Family First Services, LLC.

-There are additional services being developed as well, such as youth groups including suicide prevention and LGBT support. In addition to that, the new contract with the Department of Child Services, beginning July 1st, 2015, has added the following services that can now be provided by family First Services, LLC.


Parent/ Family Functioning Assessment

Parent Education

Substance Assessment/ Substance Treatment

Visitation Facilitation

Family First Services is also working towards additional bilingual staff becoming certified interpreters and translators.

3270 Grant Street
Gary, IN 46408



Where we are and where we're going...


Main office​​

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5969 w. 30th Ave.

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The main office is an administrative office that can accommodate meetings and administrative staff can be contacted for questions about services provided and guidance regarding agency policies and procedures.

Additionally, individuals interested in applying for a contracted position can do so by contacting the administrative office or visiting during regular business hours. (M-F 9am-5pm)