Family First Services, LLC

" We want to provide a natural home like atmosphere for anyone to come and feel completely comfortable."

-Family First Services, LLC Staff

Interpreters and Translation Services are provided when necessary.

Effective recovery touches on multiple needs of the individual, not just their substance use. These needs include psychological and social issues.

To evaluate the client's substance use and the appropriate entrance into the substance treatment services.

Provide structured, goal oriented therapy, in the natural environment of families who need assistance recovering from various situations of abuse/ neglect.

 Family First Services, LLC is a dynamic, multicultural community based organization that is dedicated to the promotion of enhancing positive relationships between parents and their children, through cooperative efforts between businesses, agencies, and Community Partners.

To ensure that the children removed from their parents have the opportunity to visit their parents/siblings on a regular basis.

Assessment: An in home assessment which includes standardized tests to discover the needs and the strengths of the family.

Education: Parenting skill development.

A number of services are provided to help maintain the child(ren) in their home (or foster home) in order to stabilize the family. etc.

Provide assistance and support for parents who are unable to appropriately fulfill parenting and or homemaking.

Home Based Family Centered Casework Services

Visitation Facilitation- Parent/ Child/ Sibling

Substance Use Outpatient Treatment

Substance Use Disorder Assessment and Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Parenting/ Family Functioning Assessment and Parenting Education


Home based Family Centered Casework Services

Homemaker/ Parent aid

Parenting/ Family Functioning Assessment

Parent Education

Substance Use Disorder Assessment

Substance Use Outpatient Treatment

Visitation Facilitation - Parent/ Child/ Sibling

Home based Family Centered Casework Services

Homemaker/ Parent Aid

Counseling and Home Based Family Centered Therapy Services :